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5 Easy Self Care Rituals to do Tonight

I'm loving this era we are in, self care has become so huge and it is being more widely accepted. There is a huge difference between taking care of yourself and being selfish. Staying in on a Friday night to take a bath and drink glass of wine while you catch up on The Bachelor is NOT BEING SELFISH. No matter how many of your friends are getting together to go to the bars, if you're just not feeling it then you're just not feeling it and that is completely alright. 

Self care can be found in so many ways. From eating healthy, to clearing out your mind, or just simply taking a night at home instead of hitting the town to give yourself some much needed rest. Self care can be waking up an hour early to workout before your workday or staying up a little later to do that face mask that makes your skin feel absolutely amazing. 

It is so important to take care of yourself, in anyway that you can or see fit. 

take care of yo'self.

5 Simple Self Care Rituals to do Tonight:

  1. Find your inner self. At least once a week, I truly strive to every night but let's be honest here, life happens and that is just not possible. I like to sit still and center myself. Sort of like meditating. I normally turn on my oil diffuser and sprinkle some lavender oils and sit on my yoga may and just breathe. I use this time to clear my mind and to talk to God about all things I am thankful for. Finding your inner self can look different for so many people, for me this is how I decompress but this ritual might look totally different for you. 
  2. Clean up. Now I'm not necessarily meaning your home because some people are just messy people and cleaning is (for the most part) never relaxing. I mean your body. Wash that hair, shave those legs, deep condition your hair, and take that extra long hot shower or bath. 
  3. Put down your phone. That's right, disconnect. This is probably the most important thing to do sometimes. Even though I'm totally obsessed and in love with my job, it is literally being on social media nonstop, it truly is good  to take a break from it.  Clear your mind and spend time on yourself
  4. Have that extra glass, of whatever it is. For me, definitely a good ol glass of red wine. But that may not work with your lifestyle. It could be having that piece of chocolate or a glass of sweet tea. But sometimes a girl just need to let herself just enjoy something. 
  5. Indulge. Whether its a good romantic comedy, that book you just haven't had time to pick up yet, your favorite netflix series. Be still and watch it, read it, enjoy it. Indulge in something that you love. 

There are many definitions of self care out there, this particular post is talking about self care in the mental sense. Give your mind a break for a little while and take care of yourself. Sometimes you just need to clear your mind and not be focusing on work, bills, the grocery lists, self care is about taking a step back and breathing. 

         stay relaxed.

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