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Midweek Must Haves

This week I decided to mix it up from the original {Trend Tuesday} to bring you MIDWEEK MUST HAVES. We have been getting in SO much new merch in the store and creating so many new designs that you just need to see!! You are going to die  {{s e r i o u s l y}} such rad stuff babes! 

Midweek Must Haves: 

1. Bitch Stix

    know, I know the name can turn some people away or it can be an amazing draw to the brand. Bitch Stix is a face and body care company. By purchasing their products you're helping support domestic abuse and sexual assault victims! This is my favorite part: the reason behind using "bitch" in their brand name. 

    This is taken straight from their website and hello how freaking rad & empowering is this. An amazing product line with an amazing purpose. In Nikko Blu Boutique right now we are carrying the lip balm, muscle rub, and face sunscreen.

    Price: Lip Balm: $10.00, Muscle Rub: $20.00, Facial Sunscreen: $20.00

    2. THIS Wildfox Sweater 

    Seriously, this sweater will change your life, named "Sommer". It is one of my favorite pieces of merchandise we have gotten in the store recently. It is a bleach dyed sweatshirt that is completely one of a kind. Each one is made in a unique way - therefore each sweater has its own character. Not to mention, in Wildfox fashion, it is probably one of the softest sweatshirts you will ever put on your body. 

    Price: $128.00

    3. CJ "Om" Necklace 

    This is a new spin on the CJ necklace that we seriously cannot keep in the store. This style first came out at our spring reveal and it flew out of the store that night. Hopefully it will be coming to the website soon, but we can't keep any backstock of it because it is seriously so R A D. 

    The Om symbol not only ~~ looks cool~~ but has powerful meaning. Visually it consists of 3 curves, one semicircle, and a dot. The bottom curve represents the waking state, the middle curve symbolizes the state of dream, and the upper curve signifies the state of deep sleep. The dot is their to symbolize, Turiya, the fourth state of consciousness; which is being fully at rest, while being fully alert. Finally, the semicircle is there to separate the Maya, or illusions from our true self. 

    Price: $144.00

    If you are interested in any of these products: comment below, DM us through any of our social media platforms, or call us at the store (817)-431-6111

    Share your favorite Nikko Blu Midweek Must Have by using the hashtag #nbmidweekmusthave so we can see how you're styling these amazing pieces or your personal review of these stellar new products {also can be done by commenting below}

    & of course, 

    stay om. 




    • Posted by Waldine Fryer on

      I am definitely coming in for the Om necklace. This truly calms my soul.

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