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Magnolia Pearl Barni Pant 215 Barni

Magnolia Pearl Barni Pant 215 Barni

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Cotton menswear pattern pants in the Magnolia Pearl fashion.  An adjustable waist buckle in the back allows for a cinching effect.  Please note the waist and hip measurements provided below. The fabric is a medium weight and really lovely. Lots of the patching and distressing Magnolia Pearl lovers love to love. Pockets on both sides.  There is also a really sweet small cuff at the hem of the pant.. This is truly a well done Men’swear pant.

The waist measurement uncinched at the back is: 36″ there is no possibility of expanded that like in other pants styles.  The button fly is beautifully done with mixed buttons, please see photo in gallery.

The hip measurement is : 48″ taken at the bottom of the front pocket and stretched as far as possible.. the fabric allows for it to fall gently, if you are much smaller than 48″ at the hip.

Like a favorite song, Magnolia Pearl designs can take you back in time.  Designed in Texas and manufactured in India, these pieces feel like one of a kind. Enjoy something a little different and very comfortable.

These pants would not be good for our plus sized sisters.

designed in Texas – Made in  India

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